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NDCM Women's Ministry

Jeremiah 9:17 This is what the LORD Almighty says: "Consider now! Call for the wailing women to come: send for the most skillful of them.

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We Are Models

We are Women of God putting our lives on display for all to see. we model, communicate, and share the word of God throughout our ministry and our community.

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We Inspire

We encourage women to be what they want to become by developing, supporting, and inspiring women of all ages.

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We Represent

We represent and build support for NDCM locally and internationally.​

NDCM Women Ministry Vision

Our vision is to work closely with the women in our church, addressing their sincere concerns, involving them in planning workshops. Teaching them the importance of knowing how to conduct themselves in and out of the church, and within the body of Christ. To motivate women to apply the scripture in their daily lives, while sharing the love of Christ.

NDCM Women Ministry Mission

Our mission is to empower women and to be ambassadors for Christ.

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Evangelist Terri Facen
Women's Ministry Leader
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