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Read the new edition of Inspirit Magazine online now. This quarter's theme is "House Party". It is words of encouragement during a time of quarantine.

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Sister Carla Gaines

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Sister Ureasta Terrell

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By Sister Ureasta Terrell

Letter From Editor

"Some may say that this is a quarantine, but I will like to turn this thing around and say that this is a “House Party”.  A time to connect to God and our families and be glad in the Lord for each day that He spares our lives."

By Amari Terrell

Pros & Cons About Quarantine

"The quarantine has been a little difficult. I wrote my perspective on this quarantine.I made a "Pros & Cons" list and hopefully some readers will agree."

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Inspired by God, Senior Pastor Darren Facen

The Method Has Changed, But The Message Remains The Same

"During this rapidly changing time of being in the midst of the pandemic, there have been many questions raised. As a Pastor, I have had to take these questions under consideration regarding the function and operation of NDCM. Most recently I was asked, “How has ministry changed during COVID19?”

By Laylaa Janay Mack

Quarantine & Me

Our Editor interviewed one of the youngest member of our ministry to see how she is fairing with this "new normal".


By Co-Pastor Evangelist Terri Facen

Stay Prayed Up

"As Christians, we face a “hidden enemy” every day, and this is why it is very important to understand that there is an enemy. We have got to be PROACTIVE-proactive in battle instead of being REACTIVE."

By Deacon Lister Florence

Covid-19 Helped Transform Stressful to Stress Free

 "The quarantine has surprisingly improved my stress.  God has shown me the difference in the  transformation from a “FUL” life to a “FREE” life and from a “Stress-FUL” to a “Stress- FREE” reality."

By Assistant Pastor Bennie Terrell

In Thee House

"Giving all honor and glory to the Most High, I hope and pray during this confusing time of loss, suffering, and despair that we have found shelter      “IN THEE HOUSE”.  The nation and other countries across the world have developed a mitigation measure to help slow the spread of this disease, COVID-19."

By Sister Tahrea Facen

Social Distancing Through The Eyes of a Teenager

"Covid-19 has very much stopped many aspects of my life and I have found that being a teenager during this pandemic, has definitely been more challenging. I went from going to school and hanging out with my friends to staying home."