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Genesis 22 1-18

        “I’m Becoming A Great Man”


To help men understand their rightful place in the kingdom.  Obedience to the word of God is the key to our success.  Once “MEN” line up with the word of God, we will begin to see a change in our homes, schools, jobs, church, community, spouse, friends, children, etc…

There is no limit to what God can do!  We have that same power through Christ and we “Will” lead with authority, fearlessness, and truth. 

6 Steps To Becoming A Great Man

  • Submission

  • Sensitivity

  • Separation

  • Set your own stage

  • Sacrifice something you love

  • Substitute

These are six words that helped Abraham in his decision-making.  We can learn

how to be great men of God from great men of God (in the bible).

Every Man and young adult is encouraged to attend our Men’s meeting every third Saturday of the month at 3:00 pm. Come with an expectation to hear from God!   

The Brotherhood Vision/Mission Statements

Image by César Couto

Our Purpose

Sometimes we may feel like we are wandering without any true purpose, that doesn't mean that we are lost. We can regain our sense of purpose and discover what God has for our lives.

Image by César Couto

Our Power

We can experience the  spiritual power of being a godly man only when we recognize our own weakness and then live in dependence upon God. 

Image by César Couto

Our Position

We allow God to position us to be found. Not being in the right position will find us missing out on godly opportunities.



Pastor Darren Facen
NDCM "Rolla" Brotherhood Leader
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