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(NDCM) Adult Ministry - Reach, educate, and encourage Men and Women via the Men and Women’s Ministry, Marriage Ministry, Singles Ministry, and Senior Ministry.
*Women’s Min. POC: Evg. Terri Facen
*Men’s Min. POC: Pastor Darren Facen
*Marriage Min. POC: Deacon Curtis & Sis. Tammy Martin

 NDCM) Outreach Ministry  - Strives to share and present the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Street Ministry, Community Services to others, and the Prayer Ministry.
*Outreach Min. POC: Elder Bennie Terrell

(NDCM) Van Ministry - Provides needed transportation to church services and church related functions including Sunday services, programs and events, bible study, engagements, and other church related activities. 
*Van Min. POC: Deacon Curtis Martin  

(NDCM) Music Ministry - Provides both an atmosphere and opportunity of praise and worship using song, dance, musicians, sound, video, audio, and the media ministry. The music ministry includes the Praise and Worship Team, Choir, Youth Praise Band and Dance, Flag, and Mime Teams.
*Music Min. POC: Pastor Darren Facen

*Media Min. POC: Deacon Lister Florence

(NDCM) Youth Ministry - Leaders partner with parents assisting them in bringing up children who know God and live Godly lives through Preschool, Primary, Juniors, and Teen Ministry. Implementing the Youth into all Sunday Services using flag, dance, song, and drama ministry along with Youth centered services.
*Youth Min. POC: Deaconess Sheila Ford

(NDCM) Education Ministry - Training and equipping the totality of Christian men, women, and children through Youth and Adult Sunday School. Youth and Adult Bible Study every Thursday evenings, New Members, Christian Education, and Leadership Training.
*Education Min. POC: Elder Dionne Kelley

(NDCM) Hospitality Ministry - Aids and attends to the needs of God’s people through Nursing Ministry, Ushers Ministry, Food Services, Benevolence and welcoming of visitors.
*Hospitality Min. POC: Elder Dionne Kelley

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